Flat cuts (work in progress)

Stooping, hugging and other exercises

Modular sculptures, corten steel, 2023

Flat cuts mix

Modular sculptures, wood, 2023

Constellations (work in progress)

Modular sculptures, bronze, 2022-2023

Constellations (working title) is a series of bronze works that explore the concept of modality, variations, and flexibility, through the use of modular and adjustable forms. The sculptures are designed to be assembled in various configurations, allowing a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. I often invite friends and collogues to participate in the assembling and shaping of the work, introducing a collaborative and interactive element to the pieces. I believe that the process of creating multiple variations and possibilities within a single sculpture is a reflection of the fluidity and complexity of art as a form of communication. This allows for the work to change multiple times in one show, or to be modified for each new show. I believe that this approach gives the sculpture a new layer of meaning, as it becomes a reflection of the people who shape it, and the space it is shaped for.

Constellations 2.7

Constellations 2.9

Constellations 2.8

Constellations 2.5

Constellations 2.4

Constellations 2.6

Constellations 2.3

Constellations 2.2

Constellations 2.1

Constellations 1.2 to 1.11

Constellations 1.1

Constellations, fast speed video documentation of assembling some of the constellations

Constellations, assembling the sculptures, Dusseldorf 2023

Lose Leute

Installation and performance as part of TR.CKST.R, NKR Dusseldorf, casted concrete, Tent-Sticks, wall drawing with charcoal, two performers. 2020

Lose Leute is a modular project that utilises tent sticks, concrete base and top sculptures, attached to each other to form an arch. These sculptures have architectural dimensions and are flexibly connected, enabling the creation of different architectural constructions to form or separate various spaces inside of the exhibition space. At the opening, performers altered the sculptures three times, constructing different architectural forms. The final form was a tunnel/arch-like structure- a reminiscent of a religious space, church, or cave, in addition to which, the performers drew a unicorn with charcoal on the wall. The other pieces, that could be seen in the images, like yellow striped paintings or wood construction are not my works. However, the yellow striped painting and pink panels were part of a collaboration with artist Jonas Maas and served as an integral part of the performance.

video documentation of performance in NKR, 2020

Performance documentation NKR Dusseldorf 2020

Upward dog and other poses

Exhibition view from “Sun Salutation for Beginners”, NEW, Mönchengladbach and “Ludi Publici”, Die Wohnung, Chapter 6. 2017 and 2019

These sculptures, crafted from bamboo wood and metal connections, are designed to be flexibly connected, allowing for a range of “yoga poses” and other abstract forms. Each sculpture captures a moment of continuous transformation and can be reassembled into different positions for different exhibitions or spaces, and even during the course of an exhibition.

On some of the images below there are friends, doing asanas with the sculptures: Ulrike Möschel at the show “Die Große 2021” at Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Eugen Euler at the same show, and Philipp Schaus at the show “Ludi Publici”- on that last image on the right wall there is also a painting by Catalin Pislaru.