My video work “Girl Talk” is on view at Kustlerverein Malkasten Dusseldorf:

In the rotunda of the Hentrichhaus, from October 16th to November 15th, 12PM to 9PM.

Video still “Girl Talk”

© Lou Baltasar

Some images of my work from the group show “Die Grosse 2023” at Museum Kunstpalast

Surrounded by the inspiring company of extraordinary artists, like Berit Schneidereit, Johannes Post, Daniele Franzella, Joel Roters, Michel Sauer, Julia Bünnagel, Kai Richter, Jonas Maas, Annette Wesseling, Christine Erhard, Irina Matthes, Sebastian Riemer, Boris Becker, Judith Samen, Benjamin Katz, Angelika Trojarnski, Morgain Schäfer, Christoph Westermeier, Anna Mirbach, Sebastian Wickeroth, Lars Breuer (background, left wall), Gaby Terhuven (back wall, left), Tyra Schmidt, Katja Schtucke, Oliver Sieber, Julia Zinnbauer, Simone Klerx (background, right wall), Markus Vater, Ulrike Möschel, to mention just a few of them.

Paintings and Sculptures Converge, May 23, 2023

I am currently combining my passion for modular sculptures with my fascination for vibrant colours. In my recent project I use shapes, cut from wood to print them directly onto unstretched canvas rolls. The canvases can be hung directly on the wall (even rolled on the bottom if the wall is not high enough). My studio space is limited, so, currently I can hardly snap an image without having some of my sculptures on the way.